About the Assessment

Many companies want to know how they benchmark against the best practices described in Building Tech. They’d like to assess their tech organizations or individual teams and receive personalized recommendations on how they can diminish or resolve certain problems they are facing.

The online assessment tool TOPStrengthener® allows any company to easily get an overall assessment of its tech organization, as well as a detailed assessment of its individual areas. The tool provides not only overall and detailed assessments but, based on the input that you provide while doing the assessment, also valuable recommendations on how you can uplift your tech organization and its individual areas. These can serve as a base for your engineering roadmap.

You can apply the assessment not only to whole tech organizations but also to individual teams and individual tech units. It is a very convenient way for newly hired engineering leaders to quickly assess the tech organization of their new companies and get detailed information for potential areas of improvement. The fact that the tool provides personalized assessment and recommendations for your particular tech team means that you can also re-take it after you have implemented the improvement plan to assess the impact. This is a very easy and convenient way to make sure you are building a great and successful tech organization!

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Many companies are struggling to build successful tech organizations, which ultimately prevents them from fulfilling their business goals. The primary reason for this problem is that building a successful tech organization doesn’t depend on one single area.

In the book, the author is reviewing the different aspects of building successful tech organizations that deliver exceptional products and services, as well as how these different areas work together as a whole system constituting your tech team.

Take the Assessment

The TOPStrengthener® assessment and recommendations tool can be applied to any type of company to identify the gaps in its engineering teams and help the company build a successful tech organization.

The basic option provides detailed assessment and recommendations for three areas of your tech organization: 1) organizational design, 2) product strategy and roadmaps, and 3) IT infrastructure and DevOps. For the other 11 areas, you get an overall assessment and recommendations.

The full version of the assessment gives you detailed assessment and recommendations for all 14 areas of your tech organization.